How to Make Progress without Living in the Gym

Spend less time in the gym while making progress towards your strength and physique goals.  Sound too good to be true? It actually isn’t. I am sure many of you have heard how you need to be in the gym 6 times a week for countless hours to see progress being made.  Well, that can’t... Continue Reading →


Intermittent Fasting: Useful tool or hyped up fad?

Intermittent fasting is something I am sure the majority of people have heard by now. It seems to be popping up everywhere and is a buzzing topic in the realm of fitness and nutrition. Lets first dive into what intermittent fasting is and get some basics on it. Many people who hear about intermittent fasting... Continue Reading →

Why You Can’t Rely on Motivation

This morning I sat down at my desk, opened up my laptop, and got ready to study and do some practice questions for my upcoming GRE test.  I sat there staring at my screen of flashcards and review questions for over an hour getting absolutely nothing worthwhile done.  I got through an astounding 5 flashcards... Continue Reading →

The Ketogenic Diet Debunked

“If you want to lose weight as fast as possible, you need to try the ketogenic diet.”  This is something that is quite often heard now a day in the fitness industry, but what exactly is the Ketogenic diet?  When most individuals think of the ketogenic diet, they think of a diet that is primarily... Continue Reading →

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